Greetings from Vang Vieng Laos.


After four extremely lazy days in Luang Prabang, we took a somewhat stomach-harrowing ride across the windy mountain paths down to the small riverside village of Vang Vieng. Its overcrowded with backpackers but set in the most beautiful countryside we’ve seen yet. People come here to spend the day tubing down the river, the shore of which is dotted with bars selling BeerLao and drug stuffed pizza. Laos has the death penalty for drug possession yet the bar we went to last night has opium tea, mushroom pizzas and joints on the menu. Its very confusing. We came here to inquire about a woofing spot near the capital of Vientiane, but apparently its not the right season yet. No running water, no electricity, laboring in the rice fields and cooking over a fire. Sounds awesome right? We were really excited but hopefully we’ll be able to do something similar back up in Northern Thailand.


Our time in Luang Prabang was nice, though extremely relaxed. The pace of life is so slow in this country that its impossible to do anything. Its like they put opium in the food. We did manage to get out to a waterfall, which was beautiful and very refreshing

One of the swimming pools at the waterfall. This was the first not brown water we've seen yet!

Jack at the waterfall

We also visited some cool temples and had more of that Lao barbecue I told you about.

This is a Lao barbecue in all its glory. Note the giant piece of lard at the top.

An interesting note about Laos: the CIA dropped thousands and thousands of bombs here in the 1970’s. A lot of them are still here. Bomb, shells and guns are in many restaurants and bars used as decoration. Its a little shocking to see.

This is at a rather chic bar. I'm quite sure they're real.

This was on temple grounds

Our next post will probably be from the Thousand Islands, which is a collection of river islands in the Mekong. So until then, farewell.



(more pictures below)