Hey There Folks!


This will be our last trip post as we are leaving Thailand on New Years Day. We just spent the last week or so on the lovely island of Koh Chang with my family(Katie), sailing, swimming and eating delicious sea food. The island is the second largest in Thailand and covered mostly in dense, jungle clad mountains. One side is totally overrun by burnt northern tomato-baby European tourists. This is where Jack and I stayed for the first night, which was enough. With the fam we stayed over on the other side of the island which was mostly deserted except for a small fishing village and the resort that we stayed at. No beach at the place but we were able to take a little motor boat over to a small island with a private beach.

Funky little ghost resort on our beach island

Our Transport

Captian Jack

We also chartered a super nice sail boat over to a small cluster of islands for snorkeling. Skipper Jack steering the sailboatUnfortunately the reefs were dying so they weren’t super lively but we did see number of swordfish and lots of colorful stripey fish. I managed to get plenty of pictures of people on the boat but not the boat itself. We also are totally off our game with the food photography. We had fabulous crab, snapper, shrimp, squid and the best scallops ever. I wish we had had our wits about us and photographed them because they were truly beautiful.

I wish I could find all of the pictures. When I do I’ll make sure to post them.